A little bit about Betsy....
Betsy grew up in Pennsylvania where her father & grandparents were caretakers of a large farm. It was a wonderful place for an animal lover to grow up as there were always dogs, cats, horses, cows & pigs just to name a few.
  As early as she can remember Betsy would beg her parents for a dog and the answer was always no! "We live on a busy road and your father and sister have allergies." Her love of animals got her in trouble one day when a stray dog came to the farm and had a litter of puppies. Betsy just had to hold a puppy. As soon as she caught one it bit her on her face. Betsy reluctantly told her parents and because no one could find the puppy, Betsy received a series of rabies shots in the stomach! In no way did this discourage Betsy's love of animals.
  When Betsy was 9 years old she received horse riding lessons as a Christmas gift. This was a dream come true. It wasn't a dog, but it sure was fun! After years of practice Betsy's first pony came right off the farm where she grew up. She won many ribbons on "Take-A-Nip."
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